Ching-Huan Cheng Agricultural Entomology Research Award

The 2025 award nomination is now open. (Deadline: January 31, 2025)

1.  Purpose

The Taiwan Entomological Society set up the Ching-Huan Cheng Agricultural Entomology Research Award to encourage young scholars to participate in agricultural and entomological studies and promote their academic performance. The award fund was set up with contributions from the dependents of Dr. Ching-Huan Cheng. The board authorized the Society to set up this award and to determine the winner through appropriate selection procedures.

2.  Award

The award is granted every two years to one scholar, and consists of funding equal to 2,000 USD, a trophy, and a lifetime honorary membership to the Taiwan Entomological Society. The scholar is invited to present their academic work at the annual meeting of the Taiwan Entomological Society and publish their work in the Formosan Entomologist.

3. Candidate eligibility

Candidates nominated for this award should:

  • Work as a researcher or specialist in an agricultural and/or entomological research institute in Asia; priority is given to candidates with outstanding achievements in field applications.
  • Be under the age of 45 (for female candidates with children, the age restriction can be extended by 2 years per child with proper documentation.)
  • Nominators and nominees do not have to be members of the Taiwan Entomological Society. The Society reserves the right to not issue an award if no candidates are found eligible. Each winner may receive the award only once. Candidates for each award must be nominated during the relevant period.

4. Nomination

The Taiwan Entomological Society will announce relevant information and notify entomology-related research institutes and organizations in Asia. Nominators will need to provide a cover letter of nomination (including a consent form from both the nominator and nominee, see appendix for more details). Please provide the following documents when nominating a candidate:

  • Complete curriculum vitae of the candidate
  • At least two recommendation letters
  • A complete list of publications by the candidate

The documents should be submitted in PDF format to the Taiwan Entomological Society.

5. Review process

A. Review Board

Five members of the standing Directors of the Taiwan Entomological Society will serve as members of the review board. The President of the Taiwan Entomological Society will serve as the Chair of the Review Board. The winner will be announced at the annual meeting. If the nominee or nominator is a member of the Review Board, they should not serve as a member of the review board to avoid conflicts of interest, and said vacancy will be taken up by an alternate director.

B. Selection process

All documents will be submitted to the secretariat and passed on to the members of the Review Board. Each member will select three candidates for the second round of the review process. A list of selected candidates will be generated for assignment of scores by the members of the review board. A shortlist will be compiled based on the final score of each candidate, ranked from highest to lowest.

C. Voting process

A recorded vote will be used to decide the winner, starting in order from the top of the shortlist. The first candidate to receive approval from all members will be declared the winner. Review meetings may be held via teleconference under special circumstances.

6. Deadlines

The nomination for 2025 Ching-Huan Cheng Agricultural Entomology Research Award is now open. The TES will accept the submission from January 1, 2024 to January 31, 2025. This schedule is subject to change.

7. Additional information

A. If a candidate violates any academic ethics, their nomination will be cancelled. If a winner is later found guilty of any academic ethics violation, their award will be revoked.

B. The award winner is responsible for all taxation fees associated with the prize money.

C. The Taiwan Entomological Society maintains the right to make any procedural modifications concerning this award.


1. Ching-Huan Cheng Agricultural Entomology Research Award(pdf)

2. Nomination Form(word)